Eric Cartman Poker Face

Nightmare Before Christmas – That’s Your Horoscope For Today

Coraline: Other Father Song

Coraline: “Um…Hello?” Other Father: ” Heellloooo Coraline! Wanna hear my new song?” C: “My father can’t play piano.” OF: “No need to. This piano plays me, look! Makin’ up a song about Coraline! She’s a peach, she’s a… Read More

Video Game Blues

Jason Derulo- Watcha Say

I can’t get enough of this remix of Hide and Seek by Imogen Heap. As a music video, it is edited right in pacing but typical of the format, the visuals are hokey and boost the artist as… Read More

Crazy Love

Cannibal the musical: The Trapper Song

Ren & Stimpy: Ren’s Pecs

Stimpy is sad when Ren leaves for Hollywood.

Whatever it is, I’m against it

From 1932’s Horse Feathers, Groucho delivers this excellent musical speech that articulates the open mindedness typical of American academia.

Animaniacs – Presidents