Just Say No to Newsies

Secret Service ain’t got nuthin on me cuz ain NO one help someone dodge a bullet the way I just did by deleting “Newsies” from my parents Netflix que after my mom added it thinking its story about… Read More

Cannibal the musical: The Trapper Song

Easy Street

Alan Cummings, Kathy Bates and Krisitn Chenowith in the 1999 Disney version of Annie

Cannibal! The Musical: That’s All I’m Asking For

Spectacular Spectacular

The Duke (Richard Roxburgh) arrives and finds Christian and Satine together. Christian’s quick wit and Satine’s charm fool the Duke into believing that they were rehearsing “Spectacular Spectacular.” The main cast improvises the plot of the show on… Read More

West Side Story – Officer Krupke

The Jets mock the kinds of excuses authorities use to rationalize the existence of hooligums like themselves.Sondheim’s lyrics are so witty, and Russ Tamblyn is wonderful as Riff—I am not anti-social, I am only anti-work!

I’m Singin in the Rain

In the famous dance routine in which Gene Kelly sings the title song while twirling an umbrella, splashing through puddles and getting soaked to the skin, he was actually dancing in water with a little bit of milk… Read More

Haruhi x Tamaki: Somewhere that’s green

Little Shop of Horrors: Somewhere that’s Green

Cabaret: “Money”

Liza Minnelli and Joel Grey from Cabaret