Dr. Seuss – Green Eggs And Ham

I love all the Dr Seuss cartoons, but I hate the text of Green Eggs and Ham and the terrible message it sends about just harassing someone enough, constantly ignoring their protests, and eventually they will see that… Read More

Video Game Blues

Ren & Stimpy: Ren’s Pecs

Stimpy is sad when Ren leaves for Hollywood.

Mickey’s Rival

I thought Mortimer was the bomb. I liked Mickey normally and all, but I was rootin for Morty the whole time on this one.

Animaniacs – Presidents

Mickey and the Beanstalk: Fe Fi Fo Fum

Charlie Chaplin On Cocaine

Clip from the 1936 silent film, Modern Times, where The Little Tramp (Charlie Chaplin) unknowingly puts cocaine on his food in the prison mess hall and then saves the day.

Mickey Mouse – Pluto’s ChristmasTree

Tiny Toons: Just-us League of Supertoons

The Country Cousin (1936)