Little Bits

Everyone loves tiny food and Rick and Morty’s alternate dimension commercials are no exception.

Oscar the Grinch

Did you ever stop to think about how Sesame Streets Oscar the Grouch is actually just a city-living version of Dr Seuss’ Mountain/Country-living Grinch? They are both hairy green curmudgeons without malicious or even ill-intent of action outside… Read More

Why there hasn’t been a good Simpsons Halloween Special in 20 years

In the early 90s, the the Simpsons “Treehouse of Horror” episodes were a major highlight of my¬†year, enhancing greatly the strong and unique Halloween themes emotions by presenting pseudo-scary stories with decidedly Halloween stylization at multiple levels. Over… Read More

Fox’s Gotham is yet another amobinable Batman blasphemy

This abomination must die.

Do I Want To Watch American Horror Story?…

okay, I’m trusting your collective votes here so don’t fkking lie to me… Is American Horror Story really worth my time to start watching? I took a chance on True Blood and after 2 episodes of Truly Bullshit… Read More

More like Game of DRONES… cuz that show looks boring… get it?

Look, I wanna watch and enjoy Dragons vs Kid-Kings and Dwarves as much as anybody, but I need a better hook than just …that. Yes, an adult version (with boobs and incest for some reason) of Lord of… Read More

Your dumb biker tv show is messing up my vibes, man

They’re shooting a Sons of Anarchy episode 2 houses down from me and the stupid light boom on a 4 story high crane is illuminating the whole damn street completely messing up the vibe of my neon-lit back… Read More

7 Muppet Babies Unanswered Questions

I never missed an episode of late-80s/early 90s Saturday Morning Cartoon allstar, Muppet Babies. No one did. it was an awesome show that ran many seasons. But not without raising a few lingering questions… 1- How come Miss… Read More

Some Jerk who hates Joy & Happiness lied about a Full House return show

I watched Full House so religiously growing up that I would seriously panic if a Friday night event was scheduled that might cause me to miss a new episode. The invention of the DVR was years away and… Read More

Cartoon Redheads who must never be seen…

I always imagined Nanny from Muppet Babies being a redhead. Then I wondered if she was related to Sarah Bellum from the Power Puff Girls who is also a redhead whose face the audience never see’s. Then I… Read More