Animaniacs – Presidents

Pocahontas: Mine Mine Mine

A wonderful token villain song of greedy, capitalism, and general plundering of natures recourses in disregard for anyone or anything but your own self gain. Its meant as a precautionary “look how bad they are” tale, but I… Read More

Got Milk? Who shot Alexander Hamilton?

From 1993: the first glimpse the world got of the famous series

Donald Duck. 1943. Der Fuehrer’s Face

It was released on January 1, 1943 as anti-Nazi propaganda for the American war effort. It places Donald Duck as a German soldier who works in a munitions factory.

Casey At The Bat

The prospects were grim for the Mudville Nine that day, but all might change with CASEY AT THE BAT… The famous poem by Ernest Lawrence Thayer is given a lively spoof by the Disney folks in this little… Read More

Johnny Appleseed

Part 2: Disney’s 1948 production marvellous animation. The story of the life of John Chapman, better known as Johnny Appleseed.With a tin pot for a hat and the Bible at his side, Johnny set out into the wilderness… Read More

The Brave Engineer. an American Legend

John Luther Jones, a.k.a. Casey Jones, The Brave Engineer (1950, directed by Jack Kinney). (Casey) Jones was “a master at the throttle” and had “an unflinching devotion to duty”, according to (James Earl) Jones.