Whatever it is, I’m against it

From 1932’s Horse Feathers, Groucho delivers this excellent musical speech that articulates the open mindedness typical of American academia.

Duck Soup: Freedonia anthem introduction

Harpo speaks

A brief line of his caught on microphone as he tells the announcer he will have to talk for him. Then he leans in and gives a verbal “honk”. Harpo laughs:

At The Circus. Marx Brothers. Midget Bullying

The Brothers step into strange territory, try to trick a midget, and fail. There’s a moral in there somewhere. From At The Circus.

Marx Brothers: “I’ll Say She Is”

A scene from a 1931 Paramount publicity film called The House That Shadows Built and the Four Marx Brothers appear to promote Monkey Business. It’s actually a reworking of a scene from their Broadway revue “I”ll Say She… Read More

Everyone Says I Love You. Marx Brothers

The Four Marx Brothers each do a verse from the song ‘Everyone Says I Love You’ from the movie ‘Horse Feathers’. Chico’s is the best, if not for the upbeat tone, then for the historical inaccuracy. Mosquito’s sting… Read More

Mirror Scene from Duck Soup

I Love Lucy. Harpo Marx Mirror Bit

Recycled, yet fresh take on the bit from Duck Soup.

Duck Soup. Freedonia’s going to war

The melodramatic expression “This means war!” certainly did not originate with Duck Soup, but it is used several times in the film – at least twice by Trentino and once by Firefly – and would be repeated by… Read More

Groucho Marx: ‘Hello, I Must Be Going’

Captain Spaulding is the signature character played by actor Groucho Marx for the stage play and film Animal Crackers. The character of Captain Jeffrey (or Geoffrey, the name appears both ways in the film) T. Spaulding (the “T”… Read More