Moana – Shiny

Blink 182’s 2016 90s throwback music video

What DOES the Fox Say though, for real?

Are all those sounds what this Ylvis gentlemen is guessing the Fox MIGHT say? Or is he declaring the Fox does in fact say all of them? Have there been any peer reviewed studies on these claims? I’m… Read More

Every DramaQueen you know is about to “dream a dream of time gone by”

Brace yourself, Facebook & Twitter… As soon as your [mostly gay and female] friends go see Les Miserables, your feed will be filled with statuses of the lyric “I had a dream my life would be, so different… Read More

Spice Dreams

What is a “zigga zih ahh” and did the Spice Girls ever get it? maybe thats why they broke up. where do you go after achieving the zig? Also: How was this song ever popular? Made – no… Read More

Busta is busted

It is time to publicly acknowledge that “Busta” was never a term… there is a reason no one ever heard it used throughout the 90s: it didnt exist. not by definition of a black version of a douchebag… Read More

Eric Cartman Poker Face

Jason Derulo- Watcha Say

I can’t get enough of this remix of Hide and Seek by Imogen Heap. As a music video, it is edited right in pacing but typical of the format, the visuals are hokey and boost the artist as… Read More

Singin in the Rain: Good Mornin

Singin in the Rain gets its credit for giving us a song-and-dance go-to for rain but gets overlooked for the gift it also delivers for up-all-nighters. I romanticize morning-people and love the concept of getting zero sleep over… Read More

Whatever it is, I’m against it

From 1932’s Horse Feathers, Groucho delivers this excellent musical speech that articulates the open mindedness typical of American academia.