What everyone gets wrong about Cruella De Vil

Upon the announcement that actress Emma Stone would be cast as the villainous fur fashionista Cruella De Vil in another live action version of Disney’s 101 Dalmatians, you’d think that Disney is making a pre-quel or otherwise aging-down their characters… Read More

X-Men Apocalypse gets the villain (Apocalypse) completely wrong

Another comic book movie that everyone is excited about and another botched character I’m reluctantly called to shine the light of truth on: the latest X-Men movie completely and totally botched its title villain, Apocalypse. THIS IS WHAT… Read More

5 (spoiler?) Predictions for The Force Awakens (before I’ve seen it)

Through the insider advantage of being a genius and thinking about things, I have a lot of expectations for the new Star Wars movie based on a formula of using the previous 6 movies and the intentional symmetry… Read More

Why does everyone keep saying I remind them of the 50 Shades of Grey guy?

In the past few weeks in the lead-up and release of the film version of 50 Shades of Grey, nearly every person who saw it has told me the Grey character “kindov reminds me of you” [me]. And… Read More

Unanswered Pixar Questions

What do bugs use for currency in cartoons? Like in Pixar’s A Bugs Life – there are several references to money and getting rich, but… wtf is money to these fkkers? they don’t have pockets… are there bug… Read More

Did the Wizard of Oz Really Happen? Or was it really just a stupid dream?

In the series of books by L. Frank Baum a little girl named Dorothy has her house lifted up by a tornado whilst she’s still in it and transported to the magical land of Oz and attempts to… Read More

Jenny from Forest Gump was my first exposure to the “Scumbag Girlfriend”

She really was the worst. I got into a heated exchange with someone at a party in 2002 because they were trying to claim that Forest Gump is a sweet love story and was totally defending Jenny as… Read More

Did Hocus Pocus deceive us on the term “yabbos”?

Is it me, or was Max the only one to actually refer to breasts as “yabbos”. That just wasn’t something that people said in the 90s as far as my experiences go. Did they say it in the… Read More

Hocus Poetry – the Spells from Hocus Pocus

Often overlooked on this 90s gem is the incantations delivered by the 2 spell casting sisters, Winnie & Sarah. Mary doesn’t do her own spells. She’s a work horse. Handles administrative processing and has the “sniffing children” power…. Read More

What would Merryweather’s gift have been, had Maleficent not crashed the party?

Disney’s Sleeping Beauty. Lets go, people. 3 fairies invited to a birthday party and 1 isn’t. They all give presents to the birthday girl. Flora (red) gives her Beauty, Fauna (green) gives her Song, Merryweather (blue) is about… Read More