Adam Sandler: Do It For Your Mama

Every moment of this is wonderful. The delightfully absurd context and sexual nature had me rolling as an 8th grader listening to this over and over imagining the family and what it would be like to witness such… Read More

Weird Al Yankovic, the movie

the Weird Al Yankovic true life story, finally on film…

Crazy Love

The Excited Southerner Gets Pulled Over

What the Hell Happened to Me: Ode To My Car

The Goat

Adam Sandler’s hilarious “The Goat” skit from the album “What The Hell Happened To Me?”. I howled at this along with everything else from the CD, but the Goat especially, probably because of the language, was quite the… Read More

In Living Color: Jim Carrey as Pee Wee Herman

Tom Lehrer: Poisoning pigeons in the park

Tom Lehrer: Pollution

Nickelodeon Promos