Ross & Rachel: Ross finds out

when Ross finds out that Rachel has feelings for him.

Tiny Toons – Its in his kiss

Ren & Stimpy: Ren’s Pecs

Stimpy is sad when Ren leaves for Hollywood.

Batman: The Joker Falls In Love

Sesame Street – U Really Got a Hold On Me

Dumb and Dumber: ‘There’s a Chance’

The ultimate depiction of wishful thinking standing boldly against an awkward polite rejection.

Mickey’s Rival

I thought Mortimer was the bomb. I liked Mickey normally and all, but I was rootin for Morty the whole time on this one.

Have a Very Merry Winslow Christmas

Part 1: Part 2: Part 3:

My Maria – Fred Astaire recut

Barnaby plots: Won’t Be Happy till he Gets it

From Disney’s Babes in Toyland (1961): Barnaby sceme’s with his newly hired henchman on how to marry that fine piece Mary so he can snag her inheritance she unknowingly will receive upon marriage. We enjoy committing mayhem for… Read More