Moana – Shiny

Blink 182’s 2016 90s throwback music video

Eric Cartman Poker Face

Jason Derulo- Watcha Say

I can’t get enough of this remix of Hide and Seek by Imogen Heap. As a music video, it is edited right in pacing but typical of the format, the visuals are hokey and boost the artist as… Read More

Singin in the Rain: Good Mornin

Singin in the Rain gets its credit for giving us a song-and-dance go-to for rain but gets overlooked for the gift it also delivers for up-all-nighters. I romanticize morning-people and love the concept of getting zero sleep over… Read More

UB40 Red Red Wine

Muppets Treasure Island – Proffesional Pirate

While the premise of the song is the seduction of Jim into willfully making use of his compass, the real theme is friendship. The ending really takes it home with a smash… Long John: Some say that pirates… Read More