Tiny Toons – Its in his kiss

Tiny Toons: Just-us League of Supertoons

Jurassic Park Sequel – Revenge of the Raptors

Weird Al Yankovic – Polka Power

Tiny Toons Nightmare Before Christmas Spoof

I somehow missed this when it aired. I had thought Tiny Toons slipped into permanent reruns by 1993 when Nightmare was released and was no longer paying attention.

The 3 Three Stooges: You Nazty Spy!

This brief clip is from “You Nazty Spy,” released in 1940. They made a follow-up, “I’ll Never Heil Again,” released in 1941. Both shorts have recently been released in colorized versions along with several others. Although Moe is… Read More

Charlie Chaplin’s End Speech from the Great Dictator

The film ends with the barber, having been mistaken for the dictator, delivering an address in front of a great audience and over the radio to the nation, following the Tomainian take-over of Osterlich (an obvious reference to… Read More

Doug. Bangin on a trash can music video

Doug, Skeeter and Beebee remind us to Think Big