Fox’s Gotham is yet another amobinable Batman blasphemy

This abomination must die.

Batman: The Joker Falls In Love

Batman 1966: Death in Slow Motion

The Riddler and his felonious fimmaking cronies (Pauline, C.B., Von Bloheim and Wolf) interrupt a silent film festival of a famous silent film collector Mr. Van Jones dressed as Charlie Chaplin and The Keystone Cops (much to the… Read More

The Dark Knight Trailer: Batman 1989 version

Watch the Original here >>

Batman is an Asshole

The song is by Dennis Leary, and the clips are from various DC shows.

Ring Around The Riddler

Part2: Part3: Frank Gorshin as The Riddler.

Dark Knight Trailer: Animated Version 2 (The Batman)

Dark Knight Trailer: Animated Version

Dark Knight Trailer: Animated Teaser Version

Dark Knight Trailer: Original Version