What everyone gets wrong about Cruella De Vil

Upon the announcement that actress Emma Stone would be cast as the villainous fur fashionista Cruella De Vil in another live action version of Disney’s 101 Dalmatians, you’d think that Disney is making a pre-quel or otherwise aging-down their characters… Read More

What would Merryweather’s gift have been, had Maleficent not crashed the party?

Disney’s Sleeping Beauty. Lets go, people. 3 fairies invited to a birthday party and 1 isn’t. They all give presents to the birthday girl. Flora (red) gives her Beauty, Fauna (green) gives her Song, Merryweather (blue) is about… Read More

Can you see what’s missing from this Disney RedHead collage?

Excellent art by artist Amy Mebberson. NOT so excellent comment by a person whom I won’t embarrass by identifying who said “They forgot Anastasia”… Anastasia is of course, not a Disney movie. It’s a pretty decent animated film… Read More

Cartoon Redheads who must never be seen…

I always imagined Nanny from Muppet Babies being a redhead. Then I wondered if she was related to Sarah Bellum from the Power Puff Girls who is also a redhead whose face the audience never see’s. Then I… Read More

Just Say No to Newsies

Secret Service ain’t got nuthin on me cuz ain NO one help someone dodge a bullet the way I just did by deleting “Newsies” from my parents Netflix que after my mom added it thinking its story about… Read More

Ursula’s Boobs

So do you think Ursula wears a spandex top that blends in with her lower half? or is she just topless and doesn’t have nipples? #LittleMermaid The latter, right? No nips on the sea witch. Even though that’s… Read More

Ariels mom was smashed by fisherman boats

Forget Bambi – Ariels mom is the most WTF Disney death. When I said that, it was thought to be a joke. I wish it were… check it: Tri & his redhaired bride are chillin above surface making… Read More

No, Disney doesn’t hate moms

“Have you ever noticed how n a majority of Disney movies the mom is either dead or not in the picture?? whats up with that??” No, but I’ve heard people say that and am not sure why you… Read More

Meet the Animated-Time-Travel Confusion

watching Meet the Robinsons again, trying to understand it. dammit Disney… we’re not advanced enough to understand alternate reality paradigms.. fuck time travel movies. this is the first-Futurama-movie confusion all over again. ug

Mickey Mouse – Pluto’s ChristmasTree