Gap – Mellow Yellow

In 1999, this commercial exposed me to the song “Mellow Yellow” for the first time, leading me to later get it on Napster and make it a staple of my unique music library. In the commercial the song… Read More

Gap Commercial: Khaki a-go-go

Looney Tunes Nickelodeon promo

Looney Tunes on Nick Commercials

1. “Looney Tunes on Nick” Ending 2. Nick at Nite up next bumper 3. Sports Cartoon (Karate) Was interested in this and all the other short cartoons Nickelodeon would play throughout its daytime programming, but once was enough…. Read More

Bagel Bites

SNICK Commercials: 1993

With a lame Youtube Commercial at the 2:57 mark.

Nick Jr. Face Compilation- 1997/1998/1999

1989 Fox Commercials

TV commercials which ran during the first airing of The Simpson’s Christmas Special on FOX 64 Providence, RI in December 1989.

Nickelodeon Bumper – Earth

Saturday Morning Commercials 1988

-WTVR Channel 6 Station ID -Perfume Pretty Barbie -My Buddy/Kid Sister -Rice Krispies -Fruitjuicers Lifesavers -Oreo cookies -Kool Aid Coolers -Cap’n Crunch -Sunkist Fun Fruits -McDonalds Pinball -Charles Fishburne Halloween PSA -Tang -McDonalds–Gettin’ Into the Rhythm with Muppet… Read More