Britney Spears Pepsi music video (long version)

This is the extra long music video length version of the song that they showed on TRL.

More Dino-Riders Commercials

Dino-Riders: Taurasaurus and Tyrannosaurus Rex

Mondo Fruit Squeezer drinks Commercial

Squeezit’s New Character Bottles Commercial

Britney Spears decades Pepsi Superbowl Commercial (2002)

Britney Spears travels through various decades singing and dancing for Pepsi under the current hip trends of the times. I watched the Superbowl with my Britney-obsessed girlfriend at the time ONLY for this commercial, downloaded it afterward, and… Read More

Got Milk? Who shot Alexander Hamilton?

From 1993: the first glimpse the world got of the famous series

Classic TV Commercials from NICK JR. in 1991

The Nanner man is, of course, not from 1991 or Nick Jr, lest you be fooled…

I Love Lucy. Vitameatavegamin

This is a segment of the episode titled, “Lucy Does a TV Commercial.” Lucy is hired to act as the “Vitameatavegamin girl” in a TV commercial, to promote a health tonic that contains healthy amounts of vitamins, meat,… Read More

Cindy Crawford Pepsi commercial

Those stylish new Pepsi cans. Beautiful.