I know nothing of the 1980s

Someone recently made a Revenge of the Nerds reference that went completely over my head because my only knowledge of that movie is the title. It was on the channel that would later become the WB and then… Read More

Mama’s Family

My Pet Monster Intro

My Pet Monster toys spawned a short-lived children’s cartoon series that ran for one season (1986 – 1987) on ABC.

The Raccoons

I only saw this show once or twice and even as a 4 year old I labeled it with a “wtf”

More Dino-Riders Commercials

Dino-Riders: Taurasaurus and Tyrannosaurus Rex

Small Wonder

Part of the episode Health Nuts:

Punky Brewster

Legend of Zelda cartoon

Each episode of Zelda followed the adventures of the hero Link and the royal Princess Zelda as they defended the kingdom of Hyrule from an evil wizard named Ganon. Most episodes consisted of Ganon (or his minions) either… Read More

Teddy Ruxpin

“The Adventures of Teddy Ruxpin” was a television series that ran from 1987-1988. Teddy Ruxpin leaves his homeland in Rillonia with his friend Grubby in search of adventure. They meet up with an inventor named Newton Gimmick who… Read More