How do you like your Injuns?

I know Depp likes to take his characters to a counter-culture punk rocky eccentric level in various forms, but I think it was a mistake to play Tonto as this face painted weirdo the whole movie. Indians could… Read More

Identity Thief

iPhone GPS took us to a theater that doesn’t exist to go see Evil Dead so we went and saw Identity Thief at the “$3-a-ticket-cuz-these-movies-came-out-5-months-ago” theater and it wasn’t half bad. it wasn’t half good either, but that… Read More

I know nothing of the 1980s

Someone recently made a Revenge of the Nerds reference that went completely over my head because my only knowledge of that movie is the title. It was on the channel that would later become the WB and then… Read More

Watching Game of Thrones: first 2 episodes

Over the summer I made a sacred promise this summer that my eyes would view this Home Box Office television series and my target view-date and deadline was Thanksgiving weekend with the fam in Florida. Well tonight was… Read More

Dragons, friends, trust and rape

Excellent summary of what friendship is, right here: “Friendship- my definition- is built on two things. Respect and trust. Both elements have to be there. And it has to be mutual. You can have respect for someone, but… Read More

Air Movies: The Lorax, Hunger Games & Chimpanzee

I flew to New York today and watched movies. This is my story… The movie for the peasants on the plane was The Lorax, which I tried to sample (especially since I wrote a blog in 2001 echoing… Read More

Bonding over movies that everyone else has seen

Going to watch my first James Bond movie soon. The one with Madona. not cuz of her. cuz of a sword fighting scene I was shown. On the subject of slutty dates, I said “just booze em up… Read More

Just Say No to Newsies

Secret Service ain’t got nuthin on me cuz ain NO one help someone dodge a bullet the way I just did by deleting “Newsies” from my parents Netflix que after my mom added it thinking its story about… Read More

Dexter Season 4 Finale: Itz a doozy

When I was told Season 4 of Showtime’s series Dexter (about a serial killer who only kills serial killers but has a family life n stuff too, mixed along with antics at his workplace as a blood spatter… Read More

I hear things. I know things.

overheard from suits last week that some time this week Apple would announce the Beatles catalog on iTunes (yawn). Didn’t take it seriously since it was an overheard but now i find out that it was a huge… Read More