Dino-Riders: Taurasaurus and Tyrannosaurus Rex

Dinosaurs. Unmarried with Children

Dinosaurs: Switched at Birth

A shocking secret is revealed when the Sinclair family starts to think that Baby Sinclair may not be their real baby. This gets Fran so outraged that she decides to go to see the Doctor. The Doctor then… Read More

Dinosaurs. Fridge Day

The dinosaurs get a warm and fuzzy feeling as they celebrate the gift of cold storage, but what’s a dinosaur (like Earl) to do when his fridge is repossessed?

Dinosaurs. Adult themed puppets

Earl makes a self referential comment on a “childrens” show he’s watching. Fran refuses to watch because all she see’s are puppets, even though underneath there are adult undertones.

Dinosaurs. Vegetarian Robby

Part 2:

Dinosaurs. Slave to Fashion

Charlene wants to make a fashion statement with a very expensive new coat, but the coat can speak for itself (really), and it leads her into a vain attempt to achieve status.

Dinosaurs. Power Erupts

Robbie comes up with an excellent idea for his science project that becomes a hit around the dinosaur world. Seems he has found a way to produce free energy. But B.P. Richfield and the Wesayso Corporation have plans… Read More

Dinosaurs. What Sexual Harris Meant

Sexual Harassment lampooned.

Dinosaurs: New Leaf. Mildly anti-drug episode

After Robbie decides he can live on his own, he soon discovers a plant that, when eaten, makes you happy. He is quick to bring it home and share it with Earl, whose new attitude toward life has… Read More