Weird Al Yankovic, the movie

the Weird Al Yankovic true life story, finally on film…

Casper Trailer

Cool World Trailer

I never even saw Cool World, but the commercials in 1992 left a lasting impression as they were conversation pieces among my mostly older friends. Probably because it featured cartoon on human sex.

Pleasantville Trailer

Though one of the most notable aspects of Pleasantville is its extreme contrast – particularly its rich contrast between color and black and white – the symbolism in the film should be noted as well. The most obvious… Read More

The Dark Knight Trailer: Batman 1989 version

Watch the Original here >>

Dark Knight Trailer: Animated Version 2 (The Batman)

Dark Knight Trailer: Animated Version

Dark Knight Trailer: Animated Teaser Version

Dark Knight Trailer: Original Version

Dark Knight Trailer: Halo Version