Insect Poetry

An interesting, kind of emo, Will Venton claymation short.

The Parlor. Real Online Chatroom

An awesome dark comedy short film using an idea I’ve wanted to do in various forms for awhile: what if X online were depicted as real life?

The Storyteller. The Soldier and Death

Returning from war, a young solider trades his last biscuit for a magical sack..into which anything summoned will enter! Trapping devils and even death itself, the solder brings peace to his country. But Death soon proves a greater… Read More

Charlie Chaplin. Between Showers

In Between Showers, Chaplin and Sterling play two young men, Masher and Mirval Masher, who fight over the chance to help a young woman, played by Emma Bell Clifton, cross a muddy street. Eventually a police officer, played… Read More

Charlie Chaplin. Cruel, Cruel Love

This early Chaplin film has him playing a character quite different from the Tramp for which he would become famous. He is a rich, upper-class gentleman whose romance is endangered when his girlfriend oversees him being embraced by… Read More