Charles Nelson Reilly Host Match Game

I’m not sure if the host was actually annoyed with Reilly when he pulled this stunt, but it certainly turned out good. I know. I’m gay for liking this. Or anything Charles Nelson Reilly did…

All Dogs Go to Heaven: Let’s Make Music Together

The movie just wouldn’t be complete complete without Ken Page (also the voice of Oogie Boogie) as King Gator, a huge and flamboyant alligator living below the streets of New Orleans. This awful, uncatchy, unentertaining, and friggin weird… Read More

American Dad: Roger misidentifies a drunken booty call

The Parlor. Real Online Chatroom

An awesome dark comedy short film using an idea I’ve wanted to do in various forms for awhile: what if X online were depicted as real life?

A summary of why Batman & Robin was not a critically acclaimed success

Joel Schumacher apologized for Batman and Robin. It’s hard for me to accept since I AM one of those people who loved Batman Forever (despite its awful neon flashy changes) and went into Batman and Robin with… well,… Read More

Justice League. I Know How You’re Gay

Batman and Superman have a discussion on who’s gay. Audio from the 40 year old Virgin in a scene that was ad libbed.

Ren And Stimpy Gay Sex Innuendo

From the short lived revival series on SpikeTV