Do I Want To Watch American Horror Story?…

okay, I’m trusting your collective votes here so don’t fkking lie to me… Is American Horror Story really worth my time to start watching? I took a chance on True Blood and after 2 episodes of Truly Bullshit… Read More

Your dumb biker tv show is messing up my vibes, man

They’re shooting a Sons of Anarchy episode 2 houses down from me and the stupid light boom on a 4 story high crane is illuminating the whole damn street completely messing up the vibe of my neon-lit back… Read More

Watching Game of Thrones: first 2 episodes

Over the summer I made a sacred promise this summer that my eyes would view this Home Box Office television series and my target view-date and deadline was Thanksgiving weekend with the fam in Florida. Well tonight was… Read More

TV Stations are all lies

nothing is what it says it is anymore… MTV hasnt shown music videos since the 80s, Cartoon Network has live action programming now, the “SciFi” channel (science fiction) changed its name to “SyFy” so it can just air… Read More

American Idol has been on for 8 friggin seasons

And it still blows. Watching people sing to me is like listening to people paint. Completely ruins it for me. So naturally I’m not an American Idol fan. But its on the tv in front of me right… Read More

I knew “Back to You” would be cancelled

Because I had a 3rd degree inlet to the casting director for it with a possibility to get some screen time in an episode or two or ten. It was at that point that I knew the Fox… Read More

What happened Networks? You used to be cool…

Back in the early to mid 90s, Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network used to have commercials for such cool things I’d wanna buy. Now it seems like they only advertise for dumb toys and games. You know. Kid stuff…. Read More

Pretender to the Throne: A “Fresh Prince” He was not

I don’t think Will Smith was ever so much a “Fresh Prince” of Bel Air. He was fresh enough, sure. But a prince? He didn’t seem to have any significant sway in the community if he had any… Read More