Tiny Toons Nightmare Before Christmas Spoof

I somehow missed this when it aired. I had thought Tiny Toons slipped into permanent reruns by 1993 when Nightmare was released and was no longer paying attention.

Kingdom Hearts 2: Halloween and Christmas town

I’ve never played this game. It looks too awesome and overwhelming for me I’m afraid.

The 12 Pains of the Nightmare Before Christmas

EMBEDDING DISABLED View on youtube here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wRjjoWy929U

Nightmare Before Christmas. Making Christmas

Nightmare Before Christmas. This Is Halloween

My 3 favorite Nightmare Before Christmas Commercials

3rd PLACE: VHS “Coming Soon” This promo achieved its marketing goal and made me think of Nightmare Before Christmas as a historically newsworthy event that I had to witness before I was even drawn to the creative aspects… Read More

Nightmare Before Christmas re-enactment puppet show

It starts off… kind of promising (maybe?) but sort of colapses in the middle and gets saved only at the very end. Oh ya, and its in Italian.

The Nightmare Before Christmas 1992 Teaser Trailer

One of the rare times Disney marketed the movie as an innovation, but still doesn’t mention that it’s the first feature length stop motion film to be made. This was back when Disney trailers, especially on home video… Read More

The Nightmare Before Christmas Commercial/Trailer

My second favorite commercial for the best movie ever made in the history of film. It contains some curious and interesting edits that true fans will notice such as Finkelstien laughing and Sally giving her “Jack look out!”… Read More

Nightmare Before Christmas – Burger King Watch ad

You’re watching BKTV! It’s just like MTV but with less commercialized pandering and corporate whoring! From 1993