Fox’s Disney Afternoon Commercial break (1990)

back in a time when cartoons were classic and actually playing during the weekdays. -Apple Jacks -Legos -Home Alone TV Spot -Fox Kids promo (briefly featuring music from the “It’s on Fox” theme) -Disney Afternoon End Credits, featuring… Read More

Rescue Rangers commercial breaks from 1990

More retro commercials from Fox on the early 90’s. These are from early 1990… around April or May. Cut out are the end credits from Ducktales and the opening to Punky Brewstar. -Chip N’ Dale’s Rescue Rangers bumper… Read More

Gummi Bears Theme

end credits:

Disney Afternoon Opener

Here’s the whole opening sequence in it’s entirety. Actually, I’ve been informed that this is just one version of the full opener. There are other versions that include segments with Scrooge ordering a paintbrush to fix the color… Read More

Tale Spin. I’m Gone

Don’t trouble me with trouble’s man, I’m Gawn! This was from the movie version of Plunder and Lightning. Not that much different than the syndicated version, but it does have a different sound to it.

Tale Spin. Home Is Where The Heart Is

From the Talespin pilot. cut for syndication.

Tale Spin. Sky Pirates

Sky Pirates – from the TaleSpin pilot, Plunder and Lightning. Don Karnage sings of being an air pirate.

Marsupilami Intro

Disney’s version of the marsupilami first appeared on television in Raw Toonage in 1992, and was then spun off into his own eponymous show on the CBS network. Marsupilami’s supporting characters included Maurice the Gorilla, Stuie the Elephant,… Read More

Tale Spin

End Credits:

Quack Pack. Mind-Controlled Cheerleaders

Huey obtains mind control powers and goes for the natural target.