Return of Jafar – Forget About Love

Man this song is terrible. Even using a moulting joke for the second time? Ick. as if the animation degradation quality wasn’t bad enough. Still, this song reminds me of 6th grade and watching it in Mr Cherry’s… Read More

Return of Jafar – I’m Looking Out for Me

Return of Jafar: You’re Only Second Rate

Pirates of the Caribbean – Never Had A Friend Like Me

Aladdin Ending

Jafar is gotten rid of and Genie set free.

Aladdin. One Step Ahead

Excellent sequence that sets the tone for the movie: fast paced, clever and hilarious.

Return of Jafar. Nothing In The World (Quite Like A Friend)

An extremely poor substitute for the Never Had a Friend Like Me Genie we had previously loved, but we roll with it anyway. Hard to enjoy without a constant reminder that this isn’t the same Robin Williams Genie… Read More

I Can Change. Aladdin

Jafar sings Saddam Hussein’s song to Satan.

Return of Jafar. You’re Only Second Rate

Aladdin. Friend Like Me